Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Paul Rubbish Robinson

I don't get it, i really don't get it. How is that the Paul Robinson has not been dropped from Spurs? and even worse how is it that he can be England's number 1?

What does this man have to do to get dropped from the England NT?
Someone please tell me!! Are Steve McClaren and Martin Jol blind? No I'm serious are they blind?, because you would have to be blind to think that Paul Robinson is the best English goalkeeper.
If you go back and look at my picks for the season ( I had Arsenal dropping into 5th and Tottenham breaking into the top 4, its obvious that i was completely wrong, seeing as Arsenal look unbeatable and are first in the league and Tottenham are in 17th place and looking pathetic.
And in my opinion a lot of Tottenham's screw-ups this season has been because of Paul Robinson.
How important is a goalkeeper to a team? In my opinion extremely.
I don't care about Women's football, don't get me wrong i think that women can do anything men can do, but i just don't care for or enjoy women's football.
But this is a good example so I'll use it.
Look what happened in the Women's World Cup, Greg Ryan benched Hope Solo and played Briana Scurry and what happened? the US loses against Brazil 3-0 and essentially it was Scurry's fault.
The back four have to have confidence in the goalkeeper they have to think that if they make a mistake the goalkeeper will be able to clean it up.
But Paul Robinson is just utter rubbish, he is, there is a difference between making a mistake, i get it he's human, but c'mon the guy is a walking disaster, the mistakes he makes are simply ridiculous, he lets in goals that my seven year old cousin could stop.
The fact that Robert Green was not even chosen is just shocking to me, and in my opinion Scott Carson should start.
Steve McClaren you are an IDIOT not only is Paul Robinson crap for Tottenham but he is also crap for England, I don't see why you would pick him.
Please tell me that i'm not crazy and that you all also see the Paul Robinson is rubbish.
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