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Euro 2008 qualifiers 10/13

Someone told me the red font is hard to read, i like to use different colors, if there is another color i use that's hard to read please tell me and i wont use it!
It was a good game for English sport fans the English rugby team beat France and is now in the finals of The Rugby World Cup ! I love Rugby but i don't get to watch much of and i need someone to explain the little things of the game, but enough Rugby lets talk about the football!

England beat Estonia 3-0 with goals from Wayne Rooney, Shaun Wright-Phillips and an own goal by Taavi Rahn.

I was happy to see Micah Richards, and Gareth Barry on the squad.

And of course Paul Robinson was in the squad, which is insulting to Scott Carson.
Will England qualify? I think so, they have a tricky game against Russia coming up and its away on an artificial pitch, but they will qualify and things will remain the same.
I Still think Steve McClaren is not the man for the job.
Scotland for the cup!!
Scotland beat Georgia 3-1!! with goals from Kenny Miller, Lee McCulloch and James McFadden.

I care more about the Scotland win than the England win because its a more interesting story, they are in a group with the World Cup winners and the runners up, and they are playing fantastic and to be honest in my opinion they have more passion than a lot of the English players.

Like I said before if Scotland make it to Euro 2008, i will do my best to go to Euro 2008.
Will they qualify? I think they can, but the group is just so tight, they beat the harder of the teams they have to play this week, i think they will beat Georgia but they HAVE to beat Italy, its difficult but possible.
-Ireland and Germany drew 0-0 and Germany become the first team to qualify for Euro 2008.
-Poland beat Kazakhstan 3-0
-Croatia beat Israel 1-0
-Cyprus beat Wales 3-1, it was funny because i didn't see this game, but i checked on my computer and Wales were winning 1-0 and they were saying Wales was playing better, so i was surprised to see that after the second half Cyprus won.
-Romania beat Netherlands 1-0
-Belgium drew with Finland
-Italy beat Georgia 2-0, that group is just getting tighter! C'mon Scotland you can do it!!!!!
-Spain beat Denmark 3-1
-Portugal beat Azerbaijan 2-0
-France beat Faroe Islands 6-0
-Sweden beat Liechtenstein 3-0
Group A
Poland: P-12, W-7, D-3, L-2, Pts- 24
Finland: P-12, W-5, D-3, L-2, Pts-20
Portugal: P-11, W-5, D-5, L-1, Pts-20
Serbia: P-11, W-4, D-5, L-2, Pts-17
Belgium: P-11, W-3, D-3, L-5, Pts-12
Armenia: P-9, W-2, D-3, L-4, Pts-9
Kazakhstan: P-11, W-1, D-4, L-6, Pts-7
Azerbaijan: P-9, W-1, D-2, L-6, Pts-5

Group B
Scotland: P-10, W-8, D-0, L-2, Pts-24. SCOTLAND FOR THE CUP!!!! lol
Italy: P-10, W-7, D-2, L-1, Pts-23
France: P-10, W-7, D-1, L-2, Pts-22
Ukraine: P-9, W-4, D-1, L-4, Pts-13
Lithuania: P-9, W-3, D-1, L-5, Pts-10
Georgia: P-10, W-2, D-1, L-7, Pts-7
Faroe Islands: P-10, W-0, D-0, L-10, Pts-0

Group C
Greece: P-9, W-7, D-1, L-1, Pts-22
Turkey: P-9, W-5, D-3, L-1, Pts-18
Norway: P-9, W-5, D-2, L-2, Pts-17
Bosnia-Herz: P-10, W-4 D-1, L-5, Pts-13
Hungary: P-10, W-4, D-0, L-6, Pts-12
Moldova: P-10, W-1, D-3, L-6, Pts-6
Malta: P-9, W-1, D-2, L-6, Pts-5

Group D
Germany: P-9, W-7, D-2, L-0, Pts-23. Already qualified
Czech Republic: P-9, W-6, D-2, L-1, Pts-20
Ireland: P-10, W-4, D-3, L-3, Pts-15
Slovakia: P-10, W-4, D-1, L-5, Pts-13
Cyprus: P-9, W-4, D-1, L-4, Pts-13
Wales: P-9, W-3, D-1, L-5, Pts-10
San Marino: P-10, W-0, D-0, L-10, Pts-0

Group E
Croatia: P-10, W-8, D-2, L-0, Pts-26
England: P-10, W-7, D-2, L-1, Pts-23

Russia: P-9, W-5, D-3, L-1, Pts-18
Israel: P-10, W-5, D-2, L-3, Pts-17
Macedonia- P-9, W-2, D-2, L-5, Pts-8
Estonia- P-11, W-1, D-1, L-9, Pts-4
Andorra- P-9, W-0, D-0, L-9, Pts-0

Group F
Sweden: P-9, W-7, D-1, L-1, Pts-22
Spain: P-10, W-7, D-1, L-2, Pts-22
Northern Ireland: P-9, W-5, D-1, L-3, Pts-16
Denmark: P-9, W-4, D-2, L-3, Pts-14
Latvia: P-9, W-3, D-0, L-6, Pts-9
Iceland: P-10, W-2, D-2, L-6, Pts-8
Liechtenstein: P-10, W-1, D-1, L-8, Pts-4

Group G
Romania: P-9, W-7, D-2, L-0, Pts-23
Netherlands: P-9, W-6, D-2, L-0, Pts-20
Bulgaria: P-9, W-5, D-3, L-1, Pts-18
Slovenia: P-10, W-3, D-2, L-5, Pts-11
Albania: P-9, W-2, D-4, L-3, Pts-10
Belarus: P-10, W-2, D-1, L-7, Pts-7
Luxembourg: P-10, W-1, D-0, L-9, Pts-3

Group A
I think Poland and with struggle Portugal will qualify.

Group B
I'm going to say Scotland just cause i have faith in them, and Italy. I say Italy because France have to play Ukraine and they can be a little tricky when they want to.
This group is too tight, we wont know until the last day.

Group C
Greece and either Turkey or Norway, it will be between those two.
Group D
Germany is already qualified and the Czech Republic, even though i would love to see Ireland qualify but they are 8 points behind already qualified Germany.

Group E
Croatia will qualify and of course England will even though they don't deserve it and the only reason the will qualify its because they are England and for some reason they are considered to be a powerful team that should be feared, why i don't know.
I don't want people to think i hate the England NT, I've been supporting England since the first World Cup i saw, but i am tired of their crap, the way that team is run, and the fact that they believe their own hype.

Group F
Sweden and Spain will qualify.
I want to see want to see what Spain can do, they are constant under-achievers and i think they have a lot of young talent, i think they can do better than they have been doing.

Group G
Romania and Netherlands, Bulgaria are only 2 points behind Netherlands but i don't think they can do it.

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