Sunday, November 18, 2007

Houston Dynamo win MLS cup

The Houston Dynamo won the MLS cup against New England Revolution 2-1.
I started watching the game in the 47th min and to be honest i didn't think it was that bad, shocking i know!

Both teams were attacking and both fought for it but in the end an equaliser from Dwane De Rosario won the game for Dynamo.

I'm trying to get into MLS, i really am but I've been spoiled, I've been spoiled because all my life I've been watching fantastic football, The Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga, sometimes Serie A, the South American leagues, amazing World Cups and even the SPL.
So when its time to watch MLS i get bored very easily bored and i get pissed off looking at the American football lines on the pitch.
But what i hate the most is the fucking Western and Eastern Conference thing it drives me crazy.
Its not fair to Stevie Nicol and the New England Revolution who throughout the season have been the better team in MLS.
They have to change the rules because its not fair.
But congratulations to The Houston Dynamo 2 back to back MLS Cups.
Lets hope next season the Galaxy still suck!
I'll be back later to discuss England NT

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Scotland/Italy Euro 2008 my thoughts

The game has just ended and i don't know what to say.
2-1 to Italy, this means that Italy and France go through.
Luca Toni scored the first goal, then Scotland equalized with a Barry Furgeson goal and made it 1-1 and then Christian Panucci scored in the 90th min.

Congratulations to Italy, you cheat, your league is filled with hooliganism and tragedies, you never get punished, you are the golden boys of football and this is your reward you go to Euro 2008 and take out the team that truly deserved to go.

Scotland, It breaks my heart to see them eliminated, they have played their qualifying games with class and dignity, they have played with heart, passion and class, they are always drawn in the hardest groups and this year they proved that they have talent, they deserved to go through and will all know it. I hope to see them in the 2010 World Cup but of course the will probably get the hardest group.

Scotland/Italy CRAZY!

How crazy good has the Scotland Italy game been?
Full of emotions and chances by both teams!
So far its 1-1.
I'll be back later when the game is over with a review!
Enjoy the game!

UPDATE:2-1 to Italy in extra time.... my heart just broke.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Euro 2008 11-17-07 preview

I'm sorry that the blog has been down for so long, I've been very busy, but i have been watching my football and catching up in all of the footballing news!!

I am very excited about all the football this week.
I will be getting up early to watch the US/South Africa, Israel/Russia (a big one for England) and the biggest one Scotland/Italy.
US vs South Africa in South Africa.
I am actually excited to watch this game, who would have thought?Me wanting to watch a US friendly?

I'm excited about this game because its overseas! The US barley plays its friendlies overseas, I know that South Africa is not quality opposition, but its in Africa, different weather, thousands of miles away from home, and probably little fan support, and its the country where the next World Cup might be played.
I am very excited about the squad that was chosen (i hear that Dandy Landy might not even start!) to go to South Africa, Jozy Altidore gets his first and well deserved call up to the squad, i expect this US to win this. I really do see US football to be going in the right direction and Bob Bradley is the man for the job.

US Squad:
GOALKEEPERS (2) Brad Guzan (Chivas USA), Tim Howard (Everton FC)
DEFENDERS (7) Carlos Bocanegra (Fulham FC), Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Dan Califf (Aalborg BK), Oguchi Onyewu (Standard de Liege), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United)
MIDFIELDERS (6) – Freddy Adu (SL Benfica), DaMarcus Beasley (Glasgow Rangers), Michael Bradley (SC Heerenveen), Maurice Edu (Toronto FC), Benny Feilhaber (Derby County), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA)
FORWARDS (2) – Josmer Altidore (New York Red Bulls), Clint Dempsey (Fulham FC).
Israel vs Russia in Israel.
When the qualifying schedule came out who would have thought that this game was interesting? I doubt that unless you were from Russia or Israel you were really going to watch this game, but now this game is going to be watched by millions because England's fate is in their hands.

I think that both are pretty goo teams and have talent on their squads but i think that Russia will in and England will be out.

And to be honest it will be the best thing that could happen to the England NT maybe the FA will be smart and let McClaren go.
Scotland vs Italy in Scotland

I put both crests up because its a huge game for both countries.
In my opinion the biggest game of the Euro 2008 qualifiers and the most exciting.
-Scotland the Cinderella story, and Italy the World Champions, who will win? Its in Glasgow, there will be thousands of drunk Scotsmen and they have heart, they really do, they play like a team and they have had some amazing performances, they deserve to go through but will they?
-Italy have Italy's pride on their shoulders, match fixing scandal, cop killed, and a cop killing a fan, they are known as corrupt and they are losing credibility, they are the World Champions how can they not make it to Euro 2008?
Sadly i think Scotland will not qualify and it breaks my heart, they deserve it more than any other team in that group. I think Italy will win 2-1.
I will post tomorrow after all the games with a review.
SCOTLAND FOR THE CUP! (i can hope)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What has Peter Crouch done wrong?

What has Peter Crouch done to Rafa Benitez? Someone please tell me why Rafa hates Crouchy? Because to me it seems like Rafa just doesn't like Crouch.

I'm sorry that Crouch in your opinion has not done enough for the club, i guess being a constant goalscorer for the club is not enough, or maybe being a player that when he gets on the pitch changes the game and creates opportunities, or maybe being the top goalscorer in the champions league for Liverpool and constantly proving through his performances how good he is. I'm sorry that all of that is not good for you. You are going to lose him, if not in January than in the summer, your are and idiot for not using a fantastic player and if you let him go, you will push all the Liverpool fans who like me are still undecided on whether we still want you as a manager to finally say those words "We want Rafa gone". So Mr.Benitez please be smart and play Crouch.

----Yesterday i said that i recorded the Liverpool-Blackburn game and that i couldn't watch it, well today i went to my friend's house and he still had it on his DVR, I watched the game and when Crouch came one the game changed for Liverpool, they were more attacking and had more opportunities.
----I like Kuyt, he seems like a nice guy, but a nice guy wont win us games or the title, does he have to go? No, but he does have to bee benched more often and Crouch has to be played more.

----The Liverpool fans, we love Crouch, we see that he is fantastic, when you look at him it doesn't seem like he works, he is so tall to be a forward, he looks clumsy, but he works, its ironic how tall he is and he is so good in the air, he changes games and even non-Liverpool fans love him, he is a hero to the Liverpool and England fans.
All i want is to see Peter Crouch play!
I want him to get the credit he deserves, he is a good player and deserves to be a starter.

----I'm curious to see what you all think about this.
Please leave comments, a lot of you read and instead of leaving me comments you e-mail me, which is cool but i would really appreciate some comments!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hutchings Sacked!!!

Wigan have axed Chris Hutchings. Hutchings was Paul Jewell's No2 and took over from Jewell when he resigned the last day of the season (06/07) after saving the club from relegation.
Wigan droped to 18th place after a 2-0 lost against Chelsea at home.
They have played 12, at home they have W-2, D-1, L-3. Away they have W-0, D-1, L-4.
Their GD is -9 and they are on 8 points.
Hutchings had been with the club for 6 years, but only in charge for 12 games with the lactics.

Wigan has to be a tough job, they have a small stadium and a small fan base, not a lot of money and in Wigan Rugby is bigger than football.

I'm not completely shocked but a little surprised, i thought that because of his history with the club he would have stayed a little longer, i would have thought that Billy Davies would have been sacked first considering Derby's shocking form this season,
He seems like a nice guy and i wish him luck wherever he goes, he had a difficult job and he did bring in Titus Bramble (who in my opinion is one of the worst players out there) he tried but didn't get the job done. He put out a nice statement to read it go here:,,10429~1160251,00.html
Graeme Souness has been rumored to take the job.
He is an average manager, who had managed some big clubs but has not been too successful, he is also constantly linked with Crystal Palace, but i think he would be good at Wigan, it would give him a chance to truly prove himself.
I'll be back to talk about Peter Crouch's future at Liverpool.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Premiership Review 11/03-11/04

----Arsenal vs Manchester United 2-2: It was the game of the weekend and could have been a title decider, it was a good game, both teams knew what was at risk. Gallas scored an own goal to give Man U the lead, that has to be horrible for a player. Man United were very lucky even though they had a good game, Gallas scored and own goal in the 45th min, then Fabregas scored in the 48th min, then Ronaldo scored in the 82nd min and then Gallas scored in the 90th min. As a Liverpool fan i wanted and needed a draw to maintain some hope. This draw gives teams who are in 3-7 spot hope.
----Aston Villa vs Derby County 2-0: Villa are a good team, Derby is not. Every team should be beat Derby 4-0. Derby have Benny Feilhaber who is a very good young talent and he has only had 2 appearances! we all know they are going down so give him a chance! he is the type a player who changes the flow of the game. Goals by Martin Laursen and Ashley Young.
----Wigan Athletic vs Chelsea 0-2: Wigan have some talent on that team but yet again they have Titus Bramble. To be honest i didn't watch this game but i heard it was not exciting. Goals by Frank Lampard and Juliano Belletti, but it was a good result for Chelsea because Arsenal and Man U drew.
----Newcastle vs Portsmouth 1-4: In my opinion Pompey are a very underrated team, there is a lot of quality on that team, they have a very good manager and they always make the top four struggle, they trashed Newcastle. Poor old Newcastle just don't seem to catch a break, i think that there are some decent players in Newcastle, they have a decent manager but just don't have an luck, they have constant injuries and they can't catch a break, they were lucky to get a goal, the funny thing is it was a Sol Campbell own goal. Goals by Sol Campbell (own goal), Noe Pamarot, Benjani Mwaruwari, John Utaka, and Niko Kranjcar.
----Middlesbrough vs Tottenham 1-1: Juande Ramos' first game in charge of Tottenham, i still think Juande is quality and give him one or two more weeks and you will see a change in the Tottenham squad. Tottenham scored first in the 35th min and them Middlesbrough equalized in the the 52nd min. Its ironic that Luke young former Spurs defender scored to get a draw against his old team. I don't think Spurs will go down, there is too much talent on that team, Middlesbrough on the other hand i can see going down. Goals by Darren Bent and Luke Young.
----Fulham vs Reading 3-1: I have a soft spot for both teams. Fulham have the Americans and i support any American overseas and I've always had a soft spot for Reading. To be honest i was surprised at this result because Reading can be a very defensive team so I'm surprised Fulham managed to put 3 pass them, i hope and i don't think either of these teams are going down this season, both teams have a couple of good players. I think that Reading have a good manager, i think that Fulham have to get rid of Lawrie Sanchez i just don't think he is up for the job. Goals by Simon Davies, Kevin Doyle, Clint Dempsey, and David Healy.
----Everton vs Birmingham City 3-1: Everton are starting to do better on the league i think they have a couple of good players but again they are another team that have constant injuries to their star players, i actually don't think Birmingham are that bad, i think that if they work hard for it they can stay up, there are teams worse than them and that will save them from relegation. Goals by Ayegbini, Kapo, Carsley and Vaughan.
----Blackburn Rovers vs Liverpool 0-0: To be honest i didn't watch this game, i recorded it on my DVR but while i was out i found out the score and as soon as i got home i erased it. I did hear that Kuyt missed three decent shots and that Stevie G missed two, and that Liverpool lacked force upfront and that it wasn't until Peter Crouch got substituted in that it seemed that Liverpool could do something. i couldn't watch this because as a Liverpool fan my heart is slowly breaking, and i couldn't watch my team throw away the opportunity to catch up a little. The Arsenal/Man U game gave me a little hope, but i don't understand what Peter Crouch has done to Rafa Benitez, but i will post on that later.
Manchester City (the only team in Manchester) and Sunderland will play tomorrow at 3:00 pm ET.
I will post later on Peter Couch's future at Liverpool and on Rafa.