Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Russia vs England 2-1 !!!!!

I knew it! typical England! They lost having the advantage.
2-1 with one goal Wayne Rooney, and two goals by Roman Pavluchenko (the first goal by Russia was a penalty)
Paul Robinson was responsible for that second goal, what does he have to do to get dropped? i don't get it he is just crap and he is still on that team

England are screwed. Russia are now 3rd with 21-points and a game in hand against Israel and Andorra, which could be tricky so its a must win game for them and England's next game is against Croatia which is a tricky game, this group is getting interesting!
Both England and Russia's next games are must wins.

I can't wait to hear the excuses of the England team, main excuse: The Artificial Pitch.

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arnique said...

Actually McClaren said it was the ref who screwed England over. Hiddink (and the rest of the world) think it's McClaren.

And Paul Robinson? As much of an arse he is playing for Spxrs, he's got to be the unluckiest man on the planet.

Croatia should kill England easy. Sorry, but da Silva is bound to score for 'em.