Thursday, October 18, 2007

Can Scotland qualify?

I went through every possible emotion watching the Scotland/Georgia game, i was excited at the beginning, mad in the middle (I almost broke my hand when Georgia scored the second goal), and then at the end i was heart broken.

Georgia were the better team on the pitch and Scotland weren't playing the way they have been playing, they should have gotten the 3-points they've just made qualifying for Euro 2008 harder for themselves.

They can still qualify, but i don't think it will happen, they play Italy at home, which is an advantage, they will have the home crowd, they know the pitch and they are use to the weather, but its a must win game and they can crumble under pressure.

France play Ukraine which can be tricky, if they lose and Scotland win, Scotland qualifies, Ukraine is unstable they can sometimes pull out wins, but they have nothing to play for so they probably wont care.
Italy have a game in hand against Faroe Islands so that's a guaranteed 3-points.

I still have a little faith that they will qualify but only a little, but i will say it for old times sake SCOTLAND FOR THE CUP! ... i can only dream.

France: P-11, W-8, D-1, L-2, Pts-25
Scotland: P-11, W-8, D-0, L-3, Pts-24
Italy: P-10, W-7, D-2, L1-, Pts-23
Ukraine: P-10, W-5, D-1, L-4, Pts-16
Lithuania: P-10, W-3, D-1, L-6, Pts-10
Georgia: P-11, W-3, D-1, L-7, Pts-10
Faroes Islands: P-11, W-0, D-0, L-11, Pts-0

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