Sunday, October 28, 2007

Football Depression

Almost every year i go through a footballing depression, this year it started a lot earlier.
Juande Ramos has left Sevilla, and has signed a four-year contract with Tottenham. Kill me now.

I don't know if you all know this but I'm a Sevilla fan. Don't get me wrong, Liverpool is my number 1 team, i bleed Liverpool red and no matter who they play i always support them, but my second team is Sevilla.

I have nothing but respect for Juande Ramos, i think he is one of the better managers out there, i think he has character and i think give him two weeks and you will see the change in Spurs. I am devastated that he has left Sevilla.Juande Ramos is now at Spurs, Liverpool lost in the Champions League and don't look like the will qualify, Liverpool drew with Arsenal in a game the deserved to win, and i think our season is over.

I think our season is over (Liverpool) because, Manchester United are just killing it in the premiership, Arsenal have a very good team with a great start to the season, Chelsea are starting to get back on track with a 5-0 win over Manchester City who i thought would get a win or even a draw against Chelsea.

And i have the feeling that something big is going on behind closed doors at Anfield, i think that Benitez is the wrong manager for us, i don't think that a lot of the players are very fond of him and that's because he has very little contact with the players, Pako Ayesteran (assistant manager) was the one who had contact with the players and i think a lot of the players are very upset that he is gone.

When I listen to Steven Gerrard talk about Rafa Benitez i can just tell that he is not too fond of him, i think that at the end of the season Rafa will go because it will come down to Benitez or Gerrard and the fans would never forgive Gillette and Hicks if Gerrard goes.

I'm depressed because after we lost the Champions League, we went out and fixed what caused us to lose the Champions League. We have a good team, we had a good start to the season and then the fucking rotation system began again and Pako Ayesteran left and its been down hill from there.

I don't understand why the job is not being done, i love Liverpool, i will always love Liverpool but they are breaking my heart.

Sevilla were also not doing too well, but i understand it, Antonio Puerta died, a good player for the team, a home grown player and a Sevilla boy at heart, the team started to struggle because of an emotional breakdown and, i understand their slump. There was also the whole Daniel Alves thing, him wanting to leave Sevilla in the summer and not being able to and not playing in the Champions League with Sevilla.

Sevilla are starting to do better, but i don't know what will happen now that Juande Ramos has left.
I will post later to eview this weekends games.

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