Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scotish Football

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I'm loving what's going on in Scottish football lately, I've always had a soft spot for Scottish football but its harder to watch it herein the US, i think the reason i like Scottish football is because the fans have so much passion, not that fans of other leagues don't, its just that there is something about the passion in Scottish fans.
Celtic beating AC Milan is in my opinion a fantastic win for them of course it came with its controversy with that crazy fan attacking Dida and it got worse with Dida being extremely unprofessional about it and giving an oscar worthy performance for which he should get banned for being a cheater.But its still a fantastic win for them, winning against the Champions League winners! (even though Liverpool were the better team on that night and AC Milan were kicked out for cheating...but i wont get into that today) Some people are saying that Celtic will be kicked out of the Champions League, I Don't think so, they will probably just have to play a couple of games closed doors.

I myself have always had more of a soft spot for Rangers,so when they beat Lyon 3-0 i could not have been more happy, they dominated that game and are proving that they might have what it takes to get out of difficult group. I can see them getting a draw against Barcelona
The Scottish national team is in Group B for Euro 2008 with, France, Italy, Ukraine,Lithuania, Georgia, and the Faroe Island, tough group the world champions, and the runners up and a team that was in the world cup, who would have though that Scotland would be first in that group, they have W-7, D-0 and L-2 and they are at 21 points, the group is still very tight, Italy are at 20 points and France are at20 points so France, Scotland and Italy will have to fight it out.

Will they go through? i don't know its just soo tight but the players must have confidence going in and that always helps, they don't have any world class players but they have the heart. Scottland for the cup!

I can see Scotland winning against Ukraine.Scotland for the cup!!! i refuse to support England in this Euro campaign so I've adopted Scotland.If Scotland qualify for Euro 2008 I will try my best to go to Euro 2008.

So my question is this, Why has Scottish football been somewhat ignored for about the last 10 years? Is it because the National team has not had success?Is it because the usually there is only 2 teams competing for the title? I think so its somewhat boring to watch a league were you know who's going to win and also they have the Premiership right next door and world class players tend to go more to the Prem?In case you didn't know Rangers is the team with the most Trophies ever, throughout their history they have one more trophies than any other team in the world...

I was talking to my friend and he asked me if Celtic and Rangers should be let into the Premiership, I'm curious to see what people think of this because i don't think they should, not because i don't think they are good enough but because the SPL would collapse.
Next post will be about every one's favorite disaster... Paul Robinson, you all know how i feel about him and get ready for one of my rants.

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