Monday, August 6, 2007

EPL table predictions

Here are my EPL table predictions, some might be crazy and underneath the table i will explain everything.

My Predictions

1.Liverpool or Manchester United
2.Liverpool or Manchester United
11.Manchester City
13.Aston Villa
16.West Ham
17.Fulham or Birmingham
18.Fulham or Birmingham

1 and 2- I think that Liverpool really want the EPL this year, they have won the champions league and were in the final last year, i think they feel that they have to prove themselves in the EPL and they know their fans want the Premiership.

Manchester United- they have made great great great buys this season and it seems that they are getting Tevez which would be an amazing buy, they won last season and you can't underestimate them, Ronaldo is an amazing player and he can put that team on his shoulders, i think they really want the Champions League and that's what they will focus on.

It will all come down to who starts the season better and injuries.

3.Chelsea- It seems like they have got some good players in the transfer season, but Terry is out for a while (they always have problems when JT is out) and super Frank has not been playing that well, they will probably be the team most effected by the Africa Cup Of Nations, Sheva and Ballack are still not reliable and Robben is still up in the air if he stays or go. And i think that they will really push for the Champions League this season.They just don't seem like they can win the Premiership this year.

4.Tottenham- OK this is a bit of a stretch, you can't underestimate Arsenal but i think that spurs have a solid team and a good manager. They managed to keep Berbatov and i think he stayed because he knows this can be Tottenham's year. The thing that i think can hold Tottenham back is a big problem they have and that is Paul Robinson who in my opinion is one of the worst goalkeepers I've seen, this guy make the most ridiculous mistakes. Another problem they have is Ledley King who is always injured, but besides that i think they have a good team, they have made some good buys and i think they can break into the top 4 this season.

5.Arsenal-Like i said, its a bit of a stretch, you can't underestimate Arsenal, they do have a great young team but every year its the same "Arsenal's youngsters will do it this year", but they don't. I think that Van Persie and Fabregas are amazing players if they can keep free of injury then they will be have a chance of being 4th, i think that this is Walcott's year to prove himself.They will also be affected by the Africa Cup of Nations.They lost Henry which is a huge lost for their moral, and they don't know if Wenger is staying.

6.Blackburn-They always cause trouble for the bigger teams, they have a very good squad, if they don't finish 6th they still will have a say on who will finish in the top 4.Their goalkeeper is very good and i expect to see good things from this team.

7.Portsmouth-They have very quietly been buying some good player and building up their squad, David James had a fantastic season and i think that there is a lot of potential for this team. I like their manager and i think that they will also like Blackburn have a say on who the top 4 will be.

8.Reading-I think that they will be able to survive the second season jinx, i think that Steve Coppell is a great manager, their problem is that they have let some good players go and have not bought any season changing players, i think they have some good player and i want to see what Kevin Doyle can do this season. I have to be honest I'm a little biased with Reading, I have a soft spot for them for the last 3 seasons and i was very happy to see them promoted, i really hope they can survive the jinx and do good.

9.Everton- Everton drop from 6th to 9th for me because, they are always affected by injuries, Cahill is injured, Johnson is very injury prone. they got rid of James Beattie which is good for them, i think Howard is a good goalkeeper and they have Arteta who i think is one of the best midfielders in the Premiership, they haven't made any significant buys. I think that is they stay clear of major injuries they will be able to maybe slip into 8th.

10.Newcastle-I have some love for the toon army, they are very dedicated fans and they stand by their team, I think that big Sam is a good manager for them and i think he has made some very good buys, but the problem with Newcastle is that it seems like everyone who goes to Newcastle get injured!! I think that Alan Smith will fit in very good at Newcastle, they got rid of Titus Bramble who was horrible in my opinion.In my opinion they should get rid of Owen and spend that money on getting backup for the squad. If they keep clear of injuries, keep Obafemi Martins (I don't think they will) and Joey Barton doesn't kill them all (sorry i just had to say it!) they will improve in the table. I really do wish them luck.

11.Manchester City-Lets be honest, Sven was horrible with the England NT, but at club level he is pretty good, he has rebuilt this team to make it his own. i do expect them to score more that 10 goals at home this season.They have made some good buys.To Man city fans i have to say this, be patient they will improve and try (i know its hard) to be nice to Sven.

12.Sunderland-Roy Keane has proven to be a very good manager, he was able to turn this team around and he knows what player he wants, i think that they will stay up and if he gets more money they will be up for a while. I can't wait for Sunderland vs Man United.

13.Aston Villa- I just don't see them doing much of anything, Martin O'Neill is an ok manager he did pretty good at Celtic but the SPL is not the EPL, to me he is a bit overrated. If they are able to win some more and draw less them maybe they will move up.

14.Middlesbrough- They are one of the teams that i just hate watching, i don't want to be mean but they just bore me, Gareth Southgate to me is not the man for this job, he seems like a nice guy just not right for the job, they have let their top goalscorer go and they haven't really bought anyone with potential besides Luke Young. I can see Southgate being fired.

15.Bolton- To me the team with the biggest drop from 7th to 15th. Its simple they can't do it without Big Sam. I'm surprised Nicolas Anelka is still there.

16.West Ham-They will and should get a points deduction, they have spent money this season and they are looking good upfront. They have potential but because i think they will get point deducted they will be lucky not to go down.

17 and 18-It breaks my heart that Fulham could go down, it breaks my heart because of the Americans, i don't want to see the Americans relegated, Fulham have spent money but haven't really bought anyone that will truly help them, i couldn't decided if they go down or not, i have faith in them and i hope that they can stay up, as an american i really want them to stay up so that Dempsy and Bocanegra can get the experience (McBride doesn't play for the NT anymore but he represents).
Birmingham-I just don't seem them doing it.

19.Derby-I think we all know they are going down.
20.Wigan-the team i hate to see play the most, they bore me to death, Paul Jewell is gone, the bought Titus Bramble, they were lucky to stay up, sorry but they are going down. if not in 20th then in 19th.
Wow that was a lot to write, i know some of the predictions are a little crazy but that's what i think will happen.
The teams that i wish luck to this season are Liverpool, Newcastle, Fulham and Reading.
C'mon Liverpool for the title! (i can dream)
Feel free to leave your predictions, I'm curious to see what other people think.
Please leave comments.

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Striper 43 said...

This is the Arsenal fan who commented on your community shield story. I agree with your table but I belive Arsenal will finish 4th. I also think it will be Walcot's year, but also Anebayor year.