Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why Liverpool wont win The Premiership

The blog is back! thank you everyone who has been waiting and I'm sorry it took so long! but i will be posting now 2 times a day.

So as you all know i am a Liverpool fan, and i am suffering but i know it could be worst... I could be a Tottenham fan.

Liverpool are currently 4th in the league and 6 points behind the leaders Arsenal, i know what you are thinking shut up and stop complaining its not that bad, and i get that but my problem is Liverpool have the squad to win the Premiership but i just don't see it happening... we don't have the manager.

Like many Liverpool fans i have turned on Rafa Benitez and i do feel bad about it because he gave us The Champions League, FA cup and others, but he has also had bad signings, bad tactics, and a stupid rotation system.

He's been with us for 3 years going on 4 and i was never too sure of him but i gave him a chance because i love Liverpool and he had done nothing wrong. When we won the Champions League i could not be more happy, i was very happy but like most Liverpool fans i was hungry for the premiership, then in 2006 we had a bad start and no good strikers, but we were rocking The Champions League, we got to the finals after defeating a couple of very good teams that everyone was expecting us to lose to, I was sad that we didn't win but i was proud of my team because they were the better team that day and the played their hearts out. After i got over my depression over losing The Champions League, I started to see the bright side of it, we saw what our problems were and we had the money to fix them and we did we got rid of dead weight and went out and got a big signing in Fernando Torres and other fantastic signings and many with great potential.

So the season started and we started of good, and when we dropped points, our competition also dropped points so we were pretty even and then it came back the fucking-rotation-system and the mighty Arsenal (i didn't see it coming i had the gunners dropping out of the top 4), Arsenal look unstoppable.

So the reasons i think Liverpool wont win the title are

1.Rafa Benitez, he just doesn't know how to win the Premiership.

2.The rotation system, a player has to be match fit and the only way to be truly match fit is to play games.

3.Arsenal are extremely good this season, they have a great squad and a great manager.

4.They are dropping silly points, its one thing to draw against, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U and Everton (I say Everton because of the rivalry) but to draw against Birmingham and almost draw against Wigan? that's what worries me.

5.We are struggling against teams that we should be playing our b-side against.

I hope that my beloved reds can pull it off, i hope that when Arsenal finally leave London they will lose at least one game and maybe draw 2, i hope that Man U lose all their games (sorry the hardcore Liverpool fan in me came out!), Man City we still have to wait and Chelsea... well i don't think we have to worry about them.


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BrooklynScottish said...

Do you know much about football or is it a sport you’ve only latterly grown interested in?

“i was never too sure of him but…”

Why were you never too sure of him? Was it because during his spell as Valencia manager he won the club’s first La Liga for 30 years, winning the title again 2 years later along with the UEFA Cup…?

I’m sure being “never too sure” was backed up in his first season at Anfield when he won the Champions League.

When was the last time Liverpool even got close to contesting Europe’s premier club trophy, never mind winning it? He took you again to the final last year…

This summer was the first time Benitez had money at his disposal that was comparable to the other ‘big’ teams. You seem to have forgotten that since his arrival he has been up against a club like Chelsea, which has taken spending to new levels.

We’re 8/9 games into the new season and you already want him sacked?

You’re obviously of the short-term mindset that demands everything NOW, NOW, NOW.

By the way, who would you replace him with?

Anonymous said...

Liverpool don't need fans like you. Write something like "why Liverpool WILL win the league" and you are half-way there. Then get facts correct, gain an understanding of football, and get to some games, then you'll be a fan that we want.

Just my two cents :P