Monday, October 15, 2007

The booing of Frank Lampard and news/rumors in England

It has to stop. The booing of Frank Lampard just has to stop. I'm sorry England fans but, if you are one of the fans up there booing super Frank you should be ashamed of yourself.
I have never booed my national team and let me tell you there have been times when the U.S have deserved it, but i think its disgusting that you are booing a player who has in the past represented your country so well.

Yes Lampard didn't have a great World Cup, he did miss a penalty but so did Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard (i hate saying that because I'm a Liverpool fan), he had average games in The World Cup but it wasn't all his fault and he has been injured and i don't think he deserves a spot in that team , but there is no excuse for why you are booing Frank Lampard.

Are you booing him because you think he has played bad for England? Then don't you think that booing him you are taking away much needed confidence?

He was voted England's player of the year for two years in a row by the fans, so why the fuck are you booing him? He is human, yes he made a mistake in The World Cup, but he is human, and I consider Lampard one of the players who truly loves playing for his country.

And I'm not saying its all of you, i was listening to 606 and a couple of people agree with me saying that there is not reason to boo him.

But for those of you who have been booing him, cut the bullshit and support your, Country, team and the players that put themselves out there.


News/Rumors in England

-The Sun is reporting that Sven-Goran Eriksson wants to bring Micky Owen to Manchester City, the problem? the fee for Owen would be around£15million and £110,000-a-week wages. For China Doll Owen? Sven its not worth it.If i was Sam Allardyce i would let him go.Its clear that Owen and Allardyce don't get along, Owen is injured most of the time, by selling him they would be making a profit, they should delighted that someone is even interested in a player that has constant long term injuries.

-The Sun ia also reporting that if Owen is sold to City, Allerdyce will go in for Bolton's Nicolas Anelka.DO IT ANYWAYS! Anelka is a fine player who just happens to play for a smaller club,And for the right amount of money Bolton would sell him and i don't think it would be that much money.

-Gary Wheelchair Neville's comeback is put on hold... again.Neville in his prime was a fantastic player for Manchester United and England but his injuries have gotten the best of him, he should just retire, he will never be the player he was and if he comes back he will be taking the spot of a younger, more deserving, more fit player.Neville United and England fans will always love you but i think its time to quit.

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