Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Preview of 10/17 Euro 2008 qualifiers

I'm very excited about the games tomorrow, i usually hate international breaks but this one has been a pretty good one.
My broke ass will try to go to Nevada Smiths tomorrow if I'm not busy,to watch the England/Russia game and the Georgia/Scotland game, so I'm excited to go watch the games with football people.
Georgia vs Scotland- at Lokomotivi Stadium in Georgia.
I do think Scotland can win, If they win they basically qualify, they won against France, semifinalist in The World Cup in Paris, you are going to tell me they can't win against Georgia? Anything can happen but i think Scotland can do it.

France vs Lithuania- at Stade de France in Paris.
Its at home and it is Lithuania but i don't think its as easy as people think, I think anything can happen in this game, but France will probably win because they know they have to.

Turkey vs Greece- at Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul.
This is a very interesting game, Greece is top of the group with 22 points and Turkey is second with 18 points, Norway is third with 17 points so Turkey have to win.

Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Norway- at Olympic Stadium (I believe its in Norway).
If Norway win and Turkey lose, Norway will be second in the group, this is a must win for them to still be in it, i think they will win and they have to wait to see what happens in the Turkey/Greece game.

Ireland vs Cyprus- at Croke Park in Ireland.
This group is basically done, Germany has qualified and Ireland are 5 points behind Czech Republic, if Czech Republic lose against Germany and Ireland win its possible that Ireland could qualify (which i hope they do).

Germany vs Czech Republic- I don't know where its going to be played.
Germany have already qualified so they will probably played their reserve side and wont care is they win, If Czech Republic win and Ireland lose, the group is basically over.

Russia vs England- The game is in Russia.
Its England, anything can happen with them, Paul Robinson can have one of his games, John Terry is not in the squad, its in Russia, Its in cold weather and of course England are already talking about the artificial pitch, I could see this being a draw, and England will say its all because of the artificial pitch but that's not an excuse, Russia are a pretty good team, its going to be an interesting game, i can't wait to see the lineup for this game.

Sweden vs Northern Ireland- I believe its in Sweden.
Its sad because Northern Ireland started their Euro 2008 campaign pretty good with Lawrie Sanchez as their manager and then he left for Fulham and it all went down hill from their, a win would be good for Northern Ireland but i don't think it will happen, Still they should go for the win not the draw.

Netherlands vs Slovenia- I'm not sure where it is.
Netherlands have to win this game because they are second in the group with 20-points and Bulgaria are third with 18-points so this is a must win for Netherlands. I think they will win.

Luxembourg vs Romania- at Josy Barthel Stadium.
Romania win this and they qualify and i think they will win.
Enjoy the Euro 2008 qualifiers!
The premiership is back this weekend and it comes back with good games!

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