Monday, October 8, 2007

Dandy Landy wins Honda Player of the Year

BrooklynScottish its obvious that we have different opinions and i wont argue anymore, its clear that you know a lot about football and i hope you keep reading the blog and keep arguing with me!!
Next post will be about the rise of Scottish Football in Europe. Should Celtic and Rangers be let into the Premiership? If so what will happen to the SPL? Will Scotland make it to Euro 2008? i hope so!! This and more next post.
Can anyone tell me why the hell Dandy Landy won the Honda Player of the year? No seriously someone please tell me because i don't understand or see what he has done to deserve this award.

The fact that Clint Dempsey was not even nominated just shocks me.

Am I a Landon Donovan hater? yes and i will tell you why. I hate the fact that he is praised as the savior of US soccer, that he is considered one of our greatest players but yet he has done so little, I hate the fact that players like Benny Feilhaber, Michael Bradley,Clint Dempsey and Jonathan Bornstein are ignored because Landon is the most recognized American player.

So really tell me how he won, was it for his amazing performance and leadership in Copa America?... Oh wait he didn't go, instead he decided to stay and help the Galaxy... but wait where are the Galaxy now? second to bottom in the Western Division. Was it for his goal scoring in The Gold Cup?.. wait all his goals were penalties. Was it for all the help he has given The Galaxy?... yeah they are second to last in the Western division and they started winning in the games he didn't play in. Oh and By the way he is not the captain anymore, Carlos Bocanegra is. So really tell me what has a player who the captaincy has been taken away from done to deserve this award.

US football will not advance until we stop sugarcoating everything and stop lying to ourselves.

So congratulations Landon you have won another award that you don't deserve. When you grow some balls I'll have respect for you.


BroolkynScottish said...

Scottish football is on the rise simply because it has learned & accepted its limitations. And cut its cloth accordingly.

With the exception of the 92-93 season (when Rangers were 1pt from the Champions League Final), Walter Smith has managed poorly in Europe with the ‘Gers.

However, as Scotland boss lessons were obviously learned – and they were based upon containment. There will seldom be a finer example than Rangers' recent 3-0 victory in Lyon.

Celtic have a CL record of 1pt out of a possible 45pts away from home. That’s 15 games without a win & only 1 draw. It makes one cringe. I’d guess that they could manage a victory during this campaign when in Benfica, as the Portuguese side look a pale shadow of their former selves.

I’d say that both Scottish sides will be in Europe beyond Christmas. One will drop into the UEFA Cup, while my team will be in the last 16 of the CL.

EURO 2008: The Scottish nation is in seizure. There’s a band of radical optimists that believe qualification is not possible, but probable. The rest of us live in reality.

At the very least, the relative success of this campaign has ensured Scotland’s performance will take us into Pot Two for the World Cup qualification. Thus we will avoid a group that contains both the World Cup Finalists and a World Cup Quarter-Finalist. How UEFA can justify such a group as this is beyond me – especially when you take a glance at the other groups.

Donovan’s award? Yawn. Do you really care? I don’t, it’s all cosmetic and anyone with a dash of common sense is aware of the reality of the award.

But you say “Benny Feilhaber, Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey and Jonathan Bornstein"

Note: Feilhaber appeared 9 times in 2 seasons with Hamburg. I’m not sure that constitutes a Player of the Year nomination, although the boy was quality over the Summer competitions. Why he signed for Derby, I do not know. Such a waste.

My vote would have gone for Bocanegra.

Anonymous said...

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