Monday, October 22, 2007

The LA Galaxy not going to the playoffs!! and UEFA's lack of balls

The La Galaxy played the Chicago Fire yesterday and lost 1-0, this means that the Galaxy did not obtain a playoff spot, and i could not be more happy.

I hate the LA Galaxy, i hate them because the create and believe their own hype, i support NY, Alexi Lalas is crazy, they have the most overrated player in US history and they insulted real football fans by the way they did the Beckham thing.

I have no problem with David Beckham, he is the ultimate professional, and its not his faul that he was injured.
A lot of people have asked me if i think Beckham came here for the football, if he came here to really better the game in this country. My answer is no, Beckham didn't come here for the football, if he came here for the football he would have not gone to the Galaxy, now that he is here he probably does want to better the game but the reason why he really came is because posh wants fame here (I'm not going to go into a bashing of posh, even though i did think it was very funny that on wikipedia they have her under celebrity supporters for the Galaxy and they label her as a singer).

When i look at Beckham on that bench i see a man that looks at the mess the LA Galaxy team is and regrets coming over so soon, i look at him and i think he is just depressed and i think he knows that he came too soon and that this takes a little credit away from his career.

How could the Galaxy not win? They have Landon Donovan! the best US player!

This proves my point on Landy Dandy. he never shows up when he has to and is the most overrated player in US history, he is a joke.
The more interesting thing is what happens at the start of next season? The Galaxy can't have two designated players on the team, so its obvious that unless the rules change Landy Dandy leaves he will most likely go to the new San Jose earthquakes, and this makes it very interesting but knowing MLS they will probably change the rules for Landycakes.

I'm glad that the Galaxy lost, because maybe now new football fans in the US that have been brainwashed into supporting the Galaxy will realize the joke that the Galaxy are.

Its not all about winning, but what i ask of fans is to take the time to pick a team that is more deserving than the Galaxy, and even though MLS is a Micky mouse league there is some pretty good teams in the league.
UEFA have no fucking balls.
The two game ban Dida got for his amazing performance against Celtic in the Champions League got reduced to a one game ban.

Its ridiculous, UEFA always do this, every time you think they are on the right track, they do this, they take it back. Last season AC Milan were kicked out of the Champions League, which they deserved because of match fixing, and then of course UEFA were UEFA and took it back and they won.

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