Friday, October 19, 2007

Even more problems for Chelsea

The premiership is back this weekend! its seems like its been forever, I'm very excited for this weekend, the Rugby World Cup final is also this weekend and I'm very excited!
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_____________________________________________You know I'm kinda starting to feel bad for Chelsea, i felt that they were just getting over Jose Mourinho leaving and then shit starts again, this team is slowly falling apart and with rumors that Jose wants to and might take over the England NT job what will players like Drogba, Lampard, A.Cole, and Essien do now that they can't go were Jose is going? by the way i do think Jose would be a great manager for England, but more on that later.
There have been reports allover the place that Drogba told a French Magazine that he wants to leave Chelsea... If this is true I've lost a lot of respect for Drogba.
If he wants to leave Chelsea, fine then leave, but he should shut up and tell the people at Chelsea, not go out there to the press and let everyone know that, there are severe problems at Chelsea here is what he said:
"I want to leave Chelsea, nothing can stop me from leaving now. Something is broken with Chelsea, the damage in the dressing room is big because we know now what happened and who caused Mourinho's departure,I've been so angry with what happened to Mourinho that I truly thought of leaving in this winter market, but I will do everything to defend my shirt loyally until the end of the season."
--Loyally? you are saying that you want to leave! and you are bashing people at the club secretly!
--I hate when players do things like this, i understand if they want a new challenge but the way he has come out and said this shows lack of professionalism, Drogba your shirt says Chelsea Football Club, not Jose Mourinho Football Club, you signed a contract for Chelsea and if you are unhappy there you shut your mouth and wait until you can leave.
--In an article with the Daily Mail he says he will win the title before leaving... give me a break.
--And of course Chelsea have already downplayed this. If he wants to go let him go why have a player who doesn't want to be there and will not play with his heart?
-John Terry and Ashley Cole have suffered injuries while on England duty.
Oh oh more trouble for Chelsea! they always struggle when Terry is out, this can be proven by what happened to them last season.
Terry will undergo knee surgery and will be out for 3 weeks.
Cole will be out for at least a month with ankle ligament damage, but i think it will be more.

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