Thursday, November 1, 2007

Football News In South America

Sao Paulo beat America 3-0 to win their second straight and fith Brazilian national championship.
Hernanes, Miranda and Dagoberto scored.

Congratulations to Sao Paulo!

Brazil won their bid for the 2014 World Cup, I'm very excited about this, Brazil is a Country that eats/breathes football and the atmosphere during the World Cup is amazing.

They have 18 grounds with more than 40,000 capacity, but four have to be built from scratch and the other 14 have to have some renovations.

The FA says that the Brazilian football federation have 1.1 billion US dollars (£550million ) for the project. I don't think that's enough, its 4 new stadiums and 14 that have to be renovated, its going to be a lot of work and a lot more money.

FIFA has also decided to change their continent rotation policy, meaning that any country can bid for the World Cup, and England have already submitted their bid for 2018.

Yesterday it was announced that the semifinal games of the Copa Sudamericana will be played in the next two weeks, an exact date and time will soon be confirmed.
Millonarios (Colombia) and America (Mexico) will play their first game in Colombia and the second game in Mexico. They will play Wednesday Nov 7th in Bogota and Tuesday Nov 13 en Mexico City.
The Arsenal- River game is still to be confirmed the when and the time.
I know the Copa Sudamericana is somewhat ignored, but its a good competition, i got the chance to go to a game this summer and it was great, their was great atmosphere and the quality of the football was fantastic, there were fans screaming and chanting, it was great.
If you enjoy South American football, i recommend you watch the Sudamericana, the games are very exciting and their is always goal scoring.
I will try to post the video of the fans in the Sudamericana game.
I'm sorry that the blog was down for a while, but i was very busy, i know that i missed some good stories and i apologize, i will be back later to post some more, if you want to e-mail me my e-mail is


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