Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tottenham is at it again! and so is Steve McClaren

Sorry its taken my so long to post, I've just been a bit busy.

Tottenham are at it again, losing to Everton 1:3.

So far many of my predictions have been wrong! I think that many of us saw this year as Tottenham's chance to make it in the top 4 and we saw Arsenal slipping, now i see Arsenal sharp and Spurs slipping, Its the same every year with Spurs they make you think they will do it, they have the squad and many will argue that they have the manager but they never get the job done.

I think this is it, Tottenham Hotspur will not break into the top 4 and the will probably finish lower than last season, I say this because they have lost 2 games and they still have to play Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United and on top of that Everton are playing pretty good, Its not looking good for Spurs.

I've been saying this and i will say this again PAUL ROBINSON HAS TO GO!
And it might be time for Martin Jol to go too.
Martin Jol to win the sack race.
-Middlesbrough sign Mido from Tottenham.

My beloved Reds have beat Toulouse 1:0 in the Champions League group stages by a goal by Andriy Veronin, whom i think will turn out to be a fine striker for us.

-Jamie Carragher has declined Steve McClaren's invite to go back and play with the England NT. And i have to say i completely agree with Carragher, i don't think its about his ego, i think its about having the best player for that spot and Carragher who next to Terry is the best English centre back has been disrespected. Playing him out of position and playing Ledley King and Wes Brown instead, Ledley King? He barley plays for Spurs! he's always injured!.

-I'm Very worried about Peter Crouch possibly leaving, there are many rumors that many clubs are interested in him. I think that I and most Liverpool fans just love Crouchy, he is a game changing player and i am very worried that we will lose him for lack of playing time. RAFA I BEG YOU PLEASE DON'T LET CROUCH GO.,,2002390000-2007370717,00.html


Dear Steve McClaren,
Stop smiling. Thanks to your stupidity England probably wont make it to Euro 2008. How blind are you? how is it possible that from the states we can see that Gerrard and Lampard can't play in the same midfield, you can't see that? Have you EVER heard of Kevin Nolan and Matty Taylor? Do you know that there is a difference between Full back and a Centre back? And that Jamie Carragher is a Centre back and not a Full back? Are you also aware that Ledley King barley plays for Spurs due to the fact that he is always injured? How could you have selected Micheal Owen to start for England after he just came back from a season long injury and didn't even play 90 minutes with Newcastle? Do you honestly think that David Beckham is fit to play against Germany, even though he hasn't been able to play for the Galaxy and has a nagging ankle injury? I'm actually really starting to believe that you are blind because you can't see the ridiculous mistakes that Paul Robinson not only makes for Spurs but also for England. I wonder when the FA who are also blind will open their eyes and see what a mistake you are.
I you want to keep your job open your EYES! let David Bentley and Micah Richards play, look at Kevin Nolan, Matty Taylor, Scott Carson, Ben Foster and if you want Walcott to play, wait until he plays with Arsenal for a while.I'm sure that I've missed much more, but thats all for now.
Is Alves off to Chelsea? I think so, if Alves goes to Chelsea i assume that Robben is off to Real Madrid.
Huge lose for Seville (my preferred team in Spain), Huge gain for Chelsea.
-The Sun reporting that Chelsea have agreed a £24.5million deal for Daniel Alves.
-Chelsea confirming interest in Daniel Alves but denying that they have reached and agreement.
-Alves Agent 80-90% confident in Alves move to Chelsea.
Thanks to everyone who has been reading, my next post will be about today's games, Gallas being named Arsenal Captain (what was that about?) and My new found respect for Roy Keane.

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