Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crazy and not so crazy transfer rumors

There have been some crazy rumors coming out of the footballing world these days.

-Manchester City and Middlesbrough are both ready to bid for Inter Milan´s Adriano.
I can´t see him at Middlesbrough, they don´t have the history or fan base and their manager Gareth Southgate is still very fresh and questionable.
I can see him at City though, they have a good start to the season, they have a good fan base, they have a pretty good manager, they can pay him, they have the potential to be very good, and their´s another Brazilian in the team.

-The Daily Mail and The Sun are reporting that Roman Abramovich is willing to make Ronaldinho the first £200,000-a-week player in order to get him to Chelsea.
All i have to say is shut up Roman, do you want another Sheva and Ballack? Let Jose do his job, he´s good at it and REMEMBER THIS just because a player is good in one club doesn't mean he will fit in yours.

-The Sun is reporting that Ole Solskjaer will announce his retirement from football after 4 years of a nagging Knee injury. ¨Norwegian Solskjaer, 34, is expected to be offered a coaching role with the club and will be used as a worldwide ambassador¨-The Sun. It seems Man U are another striker down.I don´t know he is retiring at the end of the season or for good now, i wish him the best of luck.

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