Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Not a good start for Chelsea.

I'm actually starting to feel bad for Chelsea (who would have thought).

Is Chelsea the new Newcastle? The Sun and The Times Online are reporting that Chelsea held an open session for fans and that only 5 regulars were fit to play and medics were treating 14 players.
They are also reporting that Jose fears that he wont be able to have 16 fit players for their first match of the season against Birmingham.

I think that was is going to cost Chelsea the title this year is their injuries.

Physio Room has Chelsea listed with 6 injuries (second to Newcastle's 7).
With Makelele, Drogba, Kalou, Terry, Bridge and Ballack injured.

The Sun is also reporting that Petr Cech, Ashley Cole, Glen Johnson and Florent Malouda are also injured.
And Frank Lampard has a broken toe but will play through it.
I thought Sheva was injured, but I guess not.
Dear Robben,
Cut the bullshit and just go to Real Madrid, you should be lucky that they even want you considering that you are always injured, you will fit in great at madrid with players that only want money and could careless about football. It is clear that you want to go so just go.
I now dislike Robben i hate players like him, who are only motivated by money, I'm ALL for footballers being played good money, they get very little time off, they have the pressure of millions of fans, their careers can only really last until they are around 35 and their careers can be over in a minute with a bad injury, but i hate players who i don't see their passion or love for the game.
Players like Ronaldo (Brazil) who has played for Inter and AC, Barcelona and Madrid or even Figo (who i like) who has played for Madrid and Barcelona, i hate players who have no loyalty.
Their are some good news for Chelsea, they might get Daniel Alves from Sevilla, who i think is a fantastic player, if i was Jose i would get rid of Robben and bring in Alves who wants to play for Chelsea so badly that he is willing to take a pay cut.
This is bad news for me because Sevilla are the team i like in Spain.
It doesn't seem like a good season for Chelsea.


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SiD said...

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Striper 43 said...

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