Monday, August 13, 2007

How great was the Premiership?!!!

How great was the prem this weekend? I could not have asked for a better start to the season, and apparently its not the EPL but its now the BPL, how stupid is that?!

Arsenal vs Fulham 2:1 - I thought it was a great game,very exciting. Lehmann made an awful mistake. Healy has potential to get better. Warner had a great game. Van Persie is a fantastic player and he has class, this is the second time I've seen him tell the ref that there is no foul and no need for a free-kick, i wish more players were like him. There was good defending by Fulham, their defence will be better if they get Jay DeMerit.

Sunderland vs Tottenham 1:0 - Two words PAUL ROBINSON! he has to go! this is not the first time he makes ridiculous mistakes, his mistakes might cost spurs to break into the top four (I'm already going back on my predictions). I'm glad to see that Sunderland seem strong and i love how Roy Keane is calm and doesn't take the win too seriously, he is going to do good things with Sunderland.

Manchester United vs Reading 0:0 - Boring... i almost fell asleep in the first half, Rooney suffers a 2 month injury!!!!! England are screwed. I don't think Man u will be as affected as the England NT, Man U have Tevez, although if Tevez gets injured they will be in big trouble because i believe Saha is also injured. Solskjær is not reliable enough, they have to hope that Tevez does not get injured. I was very happy to see that Reading got a draw, even though i don't think they will play as entertaining football as they did last season.

Manchester City vs West Ham 2:0 - How good where Man City?? They played awesome! i was very very surprised, The Manchester Derby got much better, who would have thought that I'm looking forward to see Man City. Elano and Bianchi were fantastic. West Ham... yawn, they don't seem to work well together, i can see them going down, Craig Bellamy is a pig and I'm glad he is not at Liverpool anymore, point deduction or not they are going to have to fight to stay up.

Aston Villa vs Liverpool 2:1- I have to say i was starting to doubt Torres, i don't think he will score 25 goals this season, but from what i saw in this game he has the heart, passion and mentality to play in the premiership, it will take him a while but he is on his way to becoming a Liverpool legend. I'm getting worried thought as a Liverpool fan i think that Crouch doesn't get enough playing time and i think he is a game changing player, i hope Crouch doesn't leave for lack of playing time.Fantastic Stevie G free-kick. Villa are in trouble, they are going to be the Fulham of this season, Martin O'Neill is still very overrated.

Derby vs Portsmouth 2:2- Very surprised, i didn't see Derby winning or getting a draw in this one but they did, a good result for Derby, Pompey have to watch out for stupid draws like that.

Everton vs Wigan 2:1- zzzzzzz Wigan are still in the Premiership?? They don't deserve to be in the Premiership.

Middlesbrough vs Blackburn 1:2- i have to be honest i didn't watch this, but i bet they are missing Veduka now!

Bolton vs Newcastle 1:3- Good result for Newcastle, but can they keep it up?

Chelsea vs Birmingham 3:2- Another injury for Chelsea? i was surprised that Birmingham scored 2 goals, i have to say Cech is not looking too good.


Who will win the sack race? Martin Jol? Gareth Southgate? Sammy Lee?

Who do you guys think will win the Sack race and what did you think of the games?

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My view on Manchester(an Ac milan fan!)