Friday, August 24, 2007

If Becks can´t save the Galaxy then who can? and Roy Keane

How good was the Galaxy vs Chivas game? 3-0 to Chivas, now it really is a super classico.
Becks who to me is the ultimate professional loses his cool more than once, but i don´t think he was necessarily angry at Jesse Marsch, think that it was built up frustration towards his tea mates, I think that Golden Balls realizes how bad the Galaxy are and maybe he is now seriously regretting going so early, There´s no I in team and i think Becks and everyone else is starting to see that maybe Becks is not going to be the Galaxy´s savior, what good are his amazing crosses if their is no one at the end of them?

Is there a crisis at the Galaxy? What are they going to do next season in order to keep Landon Donovan? i say send him to Chivas lol
The Galaxy WONT win MLS cup and the have to find a way to keep Dandy Landy.

I have to say i have nothing but the most respect for Roy Keane, he represents everything that is right with football, he has his head in the right place and he is what a manager should be, his grace and calm is fantastic for the game.

He doesn't bash other managers/teams/players and i have a feeling that Keano will become a legend not only for his amazing footballing career but for his managerial one too.

The fact that he is honest about the ridiculous WAGS culture, he got rid of those players that were involved in a sex tape and that he recently said that players should stop attacking the ref shows his true class, I can´t believe that i am saying great things about a former Manchester United player.
Keano knows what he wants to do with Sunderland, he is realistic and i have nothing but respect for him.
Good luck Roy.
Gary Neville is out for ANOTHER 2 weeks, he should be fit for Sep 5.
Just retire already!

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