Monday, August 6, 2007

Manchester United Win Community Shield

Manchester United won the Community Shield against Chelsea Sunday 1(3)-1(0) on penalties, why Chelsea? WHY? lol every time I want Chelsea to win, they don't! last season i was going for Chelsea only because it was clear Liverpool was out of the EPL race early, and to be honest i would rather anyone win than Man U (I'm sure Man U fans feel the same)
Overall it was an ok game it was not as bad as the FA cup final, those penalties that Chelsea took were SHOCKING!!!
Congrats to Man U.
You know whats the best part of the Community Shield?...
ITS THE START OF THE PREMIERSHIP!!!!! it feels like its been forever since the last day of the premier which was one of the most intense days with West Ham crawling themselves into staying in the premiership.
I feel like a kid on Christmas morning... the premiership is back!!!!
Later I'm going to put up the table, the way i think its going to end next season.


Striper 43 said...

Good story, I hate Man U. I am a Arsenal fan. I can't belive Henry went to Barcelona. Come see my new sports blog at

McConor said...

I'm looking forward to reading this blog...being from the states, there's a real dearth of fan-insight into the EPL, which I love. I'm a Newcastle fan, and very excited about the upcoming season.

I'd be happy to link to your blog if you'd like. Drop me a comment on my blog if you do:


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