Thursday, August 23, 2007

England NT

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Ok so since i was on a plane i didn't see the England game but i did see the horror that is Paul Robinson and The Sun, The Daily Mail,every other newspaper and everyone in England has finally seen what i have been seeing for YEARS! he is pure RUBBISH!!!

Why is Michael Owen defending Robinson? When Michael Owen plays a full 90-minutes and DOES´NT get injured then he can defend whoever he wants.

My question is who is the new England number 1? Surely it can still be Paul Robinson
I really like David James but he is old, he can play for now, but they have to start building their squad for the next World Cup and for Euro 2008.
So who will it be? Ben Foster? (currently injured), Scott Carson? Robert Green?

Why did Beckham play for England? he has a nagging ankle injury and the time difference and being jet lagged will affect him in MLS, i understand that he wants to play for England but why risk his career for a friendly?

I heard something really interesting on World Soccer Daily ( recently, with Sven´s success at club level in England they mentioned that maybe the Golden Age of English football never existed, and i started to think that maybe they were right. There has always been this huge hype with the England NT but if you really think about it what have they done since the 1966 World Cup?

I think that we confuse the fact that England has arguably the best league in the world but they don´t have the best national team. Don´t get me wrong their are some good maybe even great English players, Steven Gerrard, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Gary Neville, Ashley Cole (in his Arsenal days), Joe Cole and others.
The problem i see is that when the players play with their country they can´t forget their club, I honestly doubt that Neville and Gerrard are buddies, or that they can even stand each other, when you play for your country you should forget about your club for that game but they can´t Neville is the captain of Manchester United and Gerrard the captain of Liverpool can they really forget the hate that they have for each other´s club?

I know this happens in other countries but i think that its stronger in Spain and England.
But Spain doesn't have the pressure that England has.

So was Sven really that bad? he did make some stupid choices but now that i think about it, Sven was not too bad, the players were just not there.

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