Thursday, August 9, 2007

Leeds United, Transfers and Loans, and David Beckham

So as we all know Leeds have been given a 15-points deduction for an alleged breach of the Football League's insolvency policy, They have lost their appeal against the 15 point deduction. So my question is this, Do you think they deserved it? and will they make it back to the Championship? I'm curious to see what everyone thinks of Leeds.

I know that to many brits Leeds is one of those clubs that if you don't support them you hate them, I'm from the states so i guess i don't have that history to hate Leeds ( even though I've been watching the EPL since i was 6) but a lot of my friends from England could not be more happy that Leeds have been relegated and it seems from what I've read in the British papers everyone else is happy that Leeds are now in League One and have the 15-point deduction.

To think about it in 2001 Leeds were in the semifinal of the Champions League. _____________________________________________________
-Sunderland have singed Hearts goalkeeper Craig Gordon.

-Aston Villa are interested in signing Liverpool goalkeeper Scott Carson on a Loan deal.

-Seems like Robben is going to Real Madrid.

Golden balls where are you? When are you going to play? ok it was ridiculous here in the states the hype that there is for David Beckham, I've never been a huge Becks fan but i respect him and think he is a professional.

But when is he going to play for the Galaxy? and will he actually make a difference? The Galaxy are rubbish, they just are, their defence is horrible and to be honest can he do much with them? they are not even close to being in the playoffs and there isn't anyone at the end of Beck's crosses, I think that Becks should have gone to another MLS team, not the Galaxy I think he only went to LA because of posh wanting to be famous.
Becks is a good player but the Galaxy are rubbish, i just don't think he can save them, not this year.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading, next post will be about La Liga and The Championship.

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McConor said...

I'm also from the States, so I don't have the animosity towards Leeds either. I'm not a supporter of them, either, but I feel like its sort of a shame that a club with such history seems headed for the dogs. I'd like to see them turn things around, for their fans. Its sort of the same situation as Nottingham Forest.

I see Leeds in the middle of the table, maybe heading towards the top, and Forest in the Championship at the end of the year.