Thursday, November 1, 2007

Juande Ramos; good or bad for Tottenham?

I've been listening to 606 and a lot of Tottenham fans don't seem to be to happy with Juande Ramos being chosen as Martin Jol's replacement.

My question is this is he a good choice for Tottenham?
I think he is a great choice for Tottenham.

A lot of Spurs fans are disappointed that Jurgen Klinsman was not chosen as manager, but i think Junade Ramos is a better manager than Klinsman.
I'm not taking anything away from Klinsman, he is a good manager, but you can also argue that he didn't have to qualify Germany for The 2006 World Cup and that squad was just filled with talent, but Klinsman is not proven at club level and managing a club team and a national team is not the same its much harder to manage a club team, it takes more time and effort.

Juande Ramos is the type of manager that motivates players, he gets the best out of them, he can mold young talent, he is the type of manager that players respect, i know this because he did it with my spanish team Sevilla.
Give him two weeks in charge of Spurs and you will see a difference, don't expect them to win the title or finish 5th but do expect an improvement.
So in my opinion Ramos is a great choice for Tottenham and i am still devastated that he has left Sevilla.
So c'mon Spurs fans, give him a chance he is quality.

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