Sunday, November 18, 2007

Houston Dynamo win MLS cup

The Houston Dynamo won the MLS cup against New England Revolution 2-1.
I started watching the game in the 47th min and to be honest i didn't think it was that bad, shocking i know!

Both teams were attacking and both fought for it but in the end an equaliser from Dwane De Rosario won the game for Dynamo.

I'm trying to get into MLS, i really am but I've been spoiled, I've been spoiled because all my life I've been watching fantastic football, The Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga, sometimes Serie A, the South American leagues, amazing World Cups and even the SPL.
So when its time to watch MLS i get bored very easily bored and i get pissed off looking at the American football lines on the pitch.
But what i hate the most is the fucking Western and Eastern Conference thing it drives me crazy.
Its not fair to Stevie Nicol and the New England Revolution who throughout the season have been the better team in MLS.
They have to change the rules because its not fair.
But congratulations to The Houston Dynamo 2 back to back MLS Cups.
Lets hope next season the Galaxy still suck!
I'll be back later to discuss England NT


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