Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What has Peter Crouch done wrong?

What has Peter Crouch done to Rafa Benitez? Someone please tell me why Rafa hates Crouchy? Because to me it seems like Rafa just doesn't like Crouch.

I'm sorry that Crouch in your opinion has not done enough for the club, i guess being a constant goalscorer for the club is not enough, or maybe being a player that when he gets on the pitch changes the game and creates opportunities, or maybe being the top goalscorer in the champions league for Liverpool and constantly proving through his performances how good he is. I'm sorry that all of that is not good for you. You are going to lose him, if not in January than in the summer, your are and idiot for not using a fantastic player and if you let him go, you will push all the Liverpool fans who like me are still undecided on whether we still want you as a manager to finally say those words "We want Rafa gone". So Mr.Benitez please be smart and play Crouch.

----Yesterday i said that i recorded the Liverpool-Blackburn game and that i couldn't watch it, well today i went to my friend's house and he still had it on his DVR, I watched the game and when Crouch came one the game changed for Liverpool, they were more attacking and had more opportunities.
----I like Kuyt, he seems like a nice guy, but a nice guy wont win us games or the title, does he have to go? No, but he does have to bee benched more often and Crouch has to be played more.

----The Liverpool fans, we love Crouch, we see that he is fantastic, when you look at him it doesn't seem like he works, he is so tall to be a forward, he looks clumsy, but he works, its ironic how tall he is and he is so good in the air, he changes games and even non-Liverpool fans love him, he is a hero to the Liverpool and England fans.
All i want is to see Peter Crouch play!
I want him to get the credit he deserves, he is a good player and deserves to be a starter.

----I'm curious to see what you all think about this.
Please leave comments, a lot of you read and instead of leaving me comments you e-mail me, which is cool but i would really appreciate some comments!

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H.U. said...

Peter Crouch last season was statistically probably Liverpool's best forward, so you are correct in your assessment. In only 19 starts and 13 other substitute appearances, he recorded 9 goals alongside 8 assists for 17 points. This is a fantastic record. The season before he has 6 goals and 6 assists in 27 starts, average numbers. Before that, at Southampton, he had 12 goals and 7 assists for 19 points in only 18 starts and an additional 7 substitute appearances. In short, Crouch consistently will produce for his team at least one goal every two games. If Liverpool let him go, another club will surely sign him and he will do what he always does, produce at a rate higher than most Premiership forwards.
You can read about stats like this at Leave some comments or a response to my message there.