Monday, November 5, 2007

Hutchings Sacked!!!

Wigan have axed Chris Hutchings. Hutchings was Paul Jewell's No2 and took over from Jewell when he resigned the last day of the season (06/07) after saving the club from relegation.
Wigan droped to 18th place after a 2-0 lost against Chelsea at home.
They have played 12, at home they have W-2, D-1, L-3. Away they have W-0, D-1, L-4.
Their GD is -9 and they are on 8 points.
Hutchings had been with the club for 6 years, but only in charge for 12 games with the lactics.

Wigan has to be a tough job, they have a small stadium and a small fan base, not a lot of money and in Wigan Rugby is bigger than football.

I'm not completely shocked but a little surprised, i thought that because of his history with the club he would have stayed a little longer, i would have thought that Billy Davies would have been sacked first considering Derby's shocking form this season,
He seems like a nice guy and i wish him luck wherever he goes, he had a difficult job and he did bring in Titus Bramble (who in my opinion is one of the worst players out there) he tried but didn't get the job done. He put out a nice statement to read it go here:,,10429~1160251,00.html
Graeme Souness has been rumored to take the job.
He is an average manager, who had managed some big clubs but has not been too successful, he is also constantly linked with Crystal Palace, but i think he would be good at Wigan, it would give him a chance to truly prove himself.
I'll be back to talk about Peter Crouch's future at Liverpool.

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