Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Special One Has Left Chelsea

Today I woke up, got my cup of coffee turned the computer on to read the footballing news. I read The Sun first and the headline is "Grant In For Jose" I think its a joke because lets be honest its The Sun, so i read the London Times and i find out its true... Jose has left Chelsea. I honestly spit out my coffee i was shocked out of all the managers he was probably one of the last i would have expected to win the sack race.

What was Chelsea thinking in letting him go? YOU HAVE TO PLAY MAN U this weekend! a lot of those players are only there because of Jose, this is ridiculous and i blame Abramovich for this. I am shocked.

Avram Grant? Avram fucking Grant over The Special One? you have to be joking. Abramovich wants control of Chelsea but he has no idea whats good for the club, he got what he wanted Jose is out Avram is in and Sheva will probably start every game. They are going to drive Chelsea into a hole, players will leave and the players they were able to get before wont go to Chelsea. Many players will follow Jose wherever he will go.

The real reason I'm pissed off and so shocked is not because I'm a closeted Chelsea fan, its because I'm a closeted Mourinho fan. Yes i'll admitt it i love Jose Mourinho, i love/hate is arrogance, i think he is funny and entertaining and i will miss his passion for the game and i will miss him being an asshole to other managers.

Jose is at Stamford Bridge negotiating a compensation fee.


The next post will be a rant against Roman Abramovich. Thanks for reading and I'm sorry that it took soooo long to post.

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